township of hopewell (NJ) - design guidelines


To provide information to property owners regarding the protection of its irreplaceable resources, Hopewell Township, with funding assistance from the New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office’s Certified Local Government Program, retained PDP in 2005 to prepare Design Guidelines.

The resulting Design Guidelines: A Guide for Maintaining and Rehabilitating Historic Buildings and Landscapes is unique in that it was conceived as a series of topic-specific brochures. The individual brochures examine the enabling legislation and administrative review process, identify local architectural styles and character-defining features of buildings and their landscape settings, discuss exterior historic buildings systems, and provide recommendations for future additions and new construction to complement Hopewell's heritage and richness. The recommendations throughout the Guidelines are in accordance with The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation, with additional technical information included to allow property owners to make informed decisions when considering alterations to historic resources. 


Completed (2005)


New Jersey Historic Preservation Award (2006)