city of new orleans (LA) - design guidelines


In 2009, partially funded by a grant from the National Park Service, the New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission (HDLC) began a project to prepare newDesign Guidelines that would address over 14,000 properties located within fourteen historic districts and scattered throughout New Orleans. The HDLC selected PDP - led by Dominique M. Hawkins - to undertake this effort. The comprehensive Design Guidelines, unanimously approved by the New Orleans City Council in May 2011, are over 250 pages in length and organized in sections that can be distributed as a single published document or as individual topic-specific brochures.


PDP took a systematic approach to developing the Guidelines, in a series of key steps:

  • Information gathering and review of existing data

  • Work sessions with the Guidelines Committee

  • Establishment of an Advisory Committee with community stakeholders

  • Historic District analysis and photography

  • Draft development and approval

  • Public meetings and solicitation of public comments

  • Final production

This carefully sequenced process allowed PDP to work with all of the key stakeholders, with public participation, to produce a high-quality finished product that is comprehensive, flexible, unique, and formatted for distribution in printed or electronic format.


Completed (2011)


Society of American Registered Architects, Pennsylvania Chapter – Land Planning Category, 2011

American Institute of Architects, Pennsylvania Chapter – Honor Award, Special Initiatives, 2012