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Holly boyer, aiA

Holly Boyer has worked on many historically designated projects throughout her career. She joined PDP in September 2019 as a Project Architect with 27 years of experience in preservation practice and contract administration.

Holly graduated with a Master of Science in Design with a concentration in Historic Preservation (MSD-HP) from the University of Pennsylvania, being among the first to graduate from this program. Her master’s thesis project, High and Mighty: A Comparative Analysis of the Wood-Framed Steeples of John McArthur, Jr., examined an early period of McArthur’s career, as well as steeple design and construction in the context of the mid-nineteenth century. The topic stemmed from Holly’s work experience in the restoration of the steeple of the First Presbyterian Church in Salem, NJ. Similarly, Holly has worked on the restorations of various wood- or timber-framed- structures over the years including a steeple, several historic agricultural buildings and mills, and a WWII-era timber-framed squadron hangar.

After completing her undergraduate studies at Cornell, she worked for Watson & Henry Associates in Bridgeton, NJ. While there, she was engaged in the preparation of assessments and reports, construction documents, and project management during the design and construction phases of many restoration projects. Her work there included a multitude of historic preservation projects including two National Historic Landmarks and several projects earning a New Hersey Historic Preservation Award.

Holly also has experience in new construction, ranging from serving as project manager for the construction of the Gloucester City Elementary/Middle School, a 122,000 sq. ft. school in Gloucester City, NJ, to performing design and contract administration on several commercial and residential buildings in the South Jersey region.

Key Project Experience

The Kingswood School at Cranbrook
The Mark Twain Homestead
Historic Walnford: Walnford House and Waln’s Mill
Double Trouble Cranberry Sorting and Packing House
Hangar 8, Millville Army Airfield